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"Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire."
Napolean Hill

At PlanWrite we understand that every BC/DR project has particular characteristics and requirements that require a continuity management methodology that is both modular and flexible.

We can tailor your planning solution to meet your individual business requirements and are happy to engage at any phase of the project or simply focus on areas of your plans that need our help.

Our 4 stage methodology will deliver the following to your business:


An organisational analysis to understand your planning needs and to develop a baseline of continuity planning for your business
  • Determine gaps and capabilities

  • Review risks to continuity of operations

  • Analyse your organisations current disaster preparedness

  • Identification of critical business processes and associated applications and supporting infrastructure

  • Review of your current IT infrastructure


Development of continuity strategies and a planning framework that mitigates identified risks, priorities and resources; including
  • Program management and governance

  • Development of continuity strategies for your business

  • Ways to minimise downtime

  • Hot versus cold solution

  • Build a planning framework that meets your needs, not a "boiler-plate", one size fits all template

  • Roles, responsibilities and recovery teams

  • Alternative sites and work-around solutions


Completion of continuity planning deliverables that meet your business’ baseline and continuity design phases:
  • Build the BC and DR plans that meet all of your identified risks and critical processes


Develop and carry out a maintenance and testing regime for your continuity plans that is easy to administer and manage:
  • A testing and awareness program that builds organisational continuity awareness

  • Maintenance, evaluation, continuous improvement and quality assurance

  • Integration of change control to maintain currency of planning

  • Training, workshops and management reporting for ongoing plan health

Don’t get overwhelmed by continuity planning theory…let PlanWrite work with your team to keep planning simple and manageable.