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"Everyone has a plan - until they get punched in the face."
Mike Tyson, Boxer

This is where PlanWrite can help unravel that "hairball" of your critical processes, associated applications, infrastructure and dependencies.

We will evaluate your planning needs, develop IT DR strategies and resiliency requirements to not only recover your infrastructure and applications but make sure that they never fail.

We can apply the latest virtualisation technologies that have literally changed the "playing field" of disaster recovery options and solutions.

Are you confused with all of the DR technologies available on the market today?

While the loss of an entire building will have a catastrophic effect, most real-world problems begin with IT component failures, viruses and security threats that can degrade and critically impact delivery of services.

IT system architectures have expanded quickly to meet organisational growth without building in the necessary resiliency, back up or management.

In a "best case" scenario, restoration of these systems may take days if not weeks to rebuild IF equipment is available and staff are prepared, and most businesses can’t wait that long.

All technology vendors today are getting on the disaster recovery "bandwagon" but these products only solve part of the puzzle. At PlanWrite we can help you identify the solutions that work AND develop planning to apply them to your business.

Problem Solved

At PlanWrite, we speak the language of IT and will develop and deliver an operational recovery plan of actions to your business…not a phone book sized encyclopaedia of useless theory that is difficult to navigate or solve your problems.

As the IT landscape is constantly changing and evolving so to must your recovery strategies to meet the new challenges and failure scenarios being presented in a daily basis.

Recovery strategies need to be based on your business needs not solely on technical or equipment manufactures’ capabilities or third party alternate site vendor recommendations.

We can provide experienced industry experts to assist you with:
  • Analysis of critical systems, and recovery strategies

  • Data replication, recovery and back up

  • Server virtualisation recovery processes

  • Infrastructure recovery and data security

  • DR data centre analysis and commercial negotiations

  • Assessment of vendor and 3rd party DR capabilities

  • Resilience vs. recovery options

Let PlanWrite help you to evaluate technology solutions that work as well as build planning for their performance.