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"Purpose, proper prior planning, passion, patience, persistence and perseverance prevent pitiful poor performance"

If youíve missed any of the 12-Ps above with your current business continuity or disaster recover planning, you probably need our help.

Do any of these sound familiar:
  • Youíve created some plans in the past that just arenít up to scratch

  • Changes in your organisation make your planning obsolete and worthless if a disaster were to strike

  • Your former plan manager that has been responsible for your planning for the past 5 years has just left the company taking all of that crucial knowledge with him.

Although your old plans may not work, at PlanWrite we can help you to leverage your previous investment, by reviewing the relevant details from your old plans and adding them to ours.

We will create a planning framework for your business that is both functional and easy to manage, proving itís full value if a disaster were to strike your organisation.

We offer a full range of planning review services in the following areas:

Donít throw out the planning "baby with the bathwater"...let PlanWrite review your old plans and show you a better way to prepare for disasters.