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"You will play like you practice…and you’re only as good as your last game."
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In our experience at PlanWrite, completing a framework of planning is great but unless these plans are exercised on a regular basis, they quickly become outdated and useless.

This is not the way to protect your investment of time, resources and money.

At PlanWrite we recommend the following:
  • Stop treating your BC and DR planning as a "one-off" project

  • Align your plans with your existing service delivery model and change control procedures to make sure that the plans change with your organisation

  • Let us help you to break the "tick in the box" mentality of plan creation and concentrate on the "value" of continuity planning and solid management practices

  • Organisations MUST regularly test and exercise their IT recovery and resiliency solutions, planning and procedures in order to have the confidence that they’ll provide the correct response when an incident occurs.