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"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."
Pearl Bailey
Donít get bogged down with unwieldy and unmanageable BC or DR planning documentation

We all know how important Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning are to an organisation. Youíve invested a lot of time and expense to complete them and now that your planning framework has been completed some new issues seem to have cropped up.
  • "How am I going to manage all this new information so that it doesnít get old and useless and weíre back to the drawing board in 1 year?"

  • "My staff members donít have the bandwidth to manage all of these additional BC/DR planning documents let alone answer to the demands of audit boards and internal governance."

  • "My IT resources are busy enough without having to administer additional DR infrastructure, and now my change control process has a new bottleneck if the BC/DR plans donít get updated."

  • "Our BC/DR Manager has resigned and now we have to retrain another staff member to get up to speed quickly with the planning framework."

At PlanWrite we realise that planning of this nature requires a lot of attention and maintenance, and quite frankly you donít have the time and you donít have the budget to afford the luxury of a full time BC/DR manager. But if you donít keep things up to date and moving forward, all your hard work quickly becomes outdated and useless.

Why not let PlanWrite own the problem for you? We can join your team as a "Virtual" business continuity or disaster recovery Manager maintaining, testing, and updating your plans, keeping them current, trained and ready to use in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

We can also be there to answer all of the hard questions when the auditors arrive to "kick you in the shins" regarding your compliance standards for business continuity.

Leave the headache of BC/DR plan building, maintenance and auditing to us at PlanWrite. We are here to help your organisation make the complicated task of continuity planning simple.